Air Taxis Set to Soar over Seoul’s Skies

South Korea will introduce flying taxis to ease ground traffic congestion in 2025.

On Wednesday, six prototype flying taxies, developed by Chinese company Ehang, were demonstrated on and over Yeouido, an island on Seoul’s Han River.

Safety was paramount. Yeouido, the site of the city’s first airfield, boasts a huge park and plaza at its center, uncluttered by high rises. And the vehicles did not accept fares. Instead, sacks of rice were used to simulate passengers.

On Friday evening, 315 drones drew images in the night sky over Seoul’s Chamshil Olympic Park. The drone swarm was designed to showcase homegrown technologies.

“We will commercialize UAM (Urban Air Mobility) by 2025,” Kim Sang-do director of aviation policy at MOLIT said on Friday. “The government, in partnership with the private sector, is building the infrastructure and an air-traffic management system.”

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