AI Will Soon ‘Hit the Wall’

“Deep learning and current AI, if you are really honest, has a lot of limitations.” – Jerome Pesenti

Jerome Pesenti leads the development of artificial intelligence at one of the world’s most influential—and controversial—companies. As VP of artificial intelligence at Facebook, he oversees hundreds of scientists and engineers whose work shapes the company’s direction and its impact on the wider world.

AI is fundamentally important to Facebook. Algorithms that learn to grab and hold our attention help make the platform and its sister products, Instagram and WhatsApp, stickier and more addictive. And, despite some notable AI flops, like the personal assistant M, Facebook continues to use AI to build new features and products, from Instagram filters to augmented reality apps.

Pesenti met with Will Knight, senior writer at WIRED, near its offices in New York. The conversation has been edited for length.

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