AI Generates Story Endings

Sophisticated natural language processing systems like OpenAI’s GPT-2 can craft speech that’s impressively humanlike, but those same AI often struggle with generating stories

This shortcoming motivated scientists at Carnegie Mellon University’s School of Computer Science to devise a method that creates more “diverse” endings for a given story. The key, they say, was training models to focus attention on important phrases of the story and promoting the generation of non-generic words.

“A story context is a sequence of sentences connecting characters and events. This task is challenging as it requires modeling the characters, events, and objects in the context, and then generating a coherent and sensible ending based on them. Generalizing the semantics of the events and entities and their relationships across stories is a non-trivial task,” wrote the coauthors. “We show that the combination of the two leads to more diverse and interesting endings.”

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