AI-Generated Media

OpenAI, a nonprofit focused on creating human-level artificial intelligence, just released an update to its GPT-2 text generator. Some people are terrified for the future of humanity if we don’t figure out a way to detect AI-generated content

Tristan Greene argues that “It won’t be long before AI-generated media – to include audio, video, text, and combinations of all three – are entirely indistinguishable from that created by humans. If we can’t find a way to distinguish between the two, tools like GPT-2 – in combination with the malicious intent of bad actors – will simply become weapons of oppression.”

“GPT-2 isn’t a killer robot and my fears aren’t that AI is going to rise up against us. I’m terrified of GPT-2 because it represents the kind of technology that evil humans are going to use to manipulate the population — and in my opinion that makes it more dangerous than any gun. Here’s how it works: you give it a prompt and it near-instantly spits out a bunch of words. What’s scary about it is that it works. It works incredibly well.”

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