AI Content Generation: What’s Next?

Software hasn’t changed this much or this rapidly since the invention of the web.

“A new primitive” — that’s how OpenAI’s Sam Altman referred to machine learning in a recent chat with Reid Hoffman. This “new primitive” has recently been applied to web3 tech like NFTs, and loosely translated it means something like:

A new capability we didn’t have before, and that we can build new things with. Not a technology most of us will use in isolation, like social media, but more of an enabling tech — like hypertext, the OSI network stack, or distributed ledger technology (a.k.a. cryptocurrencies) — that will support a combinatorial explosion of new user experiences and businesses.

I’ve now spent some time with this new primitive and with the communities that are rapidly growing up around it — Discords, Github pages, Google Colab notebooks, academic papers, YouTube — and I have some thoughts about what it is and what’s next.

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