Adidas Steps Into The Metaverse

On Friday, Adidas will release Into the Metaverse, its first NFT collection, for sale here for 0.2 ETH.

Owners of the tokens will get exclusive access to Adidas experiences and product—both virtual and physical, starting in 2022. There will be a hoodie, a tracksuit, and an orange beanie fashioned after the one Gmoney’s avatar wears. Owners of the Adidas NFT can “forge” (essentially cash in) their token to get the connected products in the real world.

In the digital game The Sandbox, where Adidas has acquired a plot of land, holders can access wearables to outfit themselves in. With Punks, Adidas is creating an NFT comic telling the story of Indigo Herz. Adidas has also partnered with crypto exchange platform Coinbase, which will secure its digital assets.

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