Our Story

The World Changed.

Over the last two decades, some major societal shifts have taken place. The average company’s life expectancy has dropped to just under 10 years; household names have vanished from the high street and trust in institutions has reached an all-time low.

At the same time, whole industries have been reinvented through the emergence of innovative new technologies and the rise of the internet.

A new generation of outsiders has launched purpose-led ventures into the global economy, powered by intuitive, adaptable, easy-access platforms. Many have fallen by the wayside, but the most successful have reaped disproportionate returns.

For industry incumbents, it’s become clear that finding new efficiencies in old processes is not enough. Re-thinking, rebuilding and reinventing are required. But how?

We believe partnership is the answer. The scale, brand equity and industry-expertise of the enterprise, combined with the digital-first, agile mindset of the startup, is an ideal model for today’s economy. We started arketyp to facilitate such partnerships.

We’re here to support b2b founders, across sectors and industries, define their narrative and growth strategy and source the investment and expertise they need, to plug into the enterprise network.

We also support enterprise leaders and corporate ventures, by connecting them into a rich eco-system of innovative, digital startups to accelerate the change they desire.

If you’d like to explore how to unlock untapped potential in your venture based on a new kind of relationship, we’d love to chat.