A Survey of Europe’s A.I Ecosystem

Compared to other global powers, the European Union (EU) is rarely considered a leading player in the development of artificial intelligence (AI). Why is this, and does this in fact accurately reflect the EU’s activities related to AI?

This new report surveys core components of the EU’s current AI ecosystem, providing the crucial background context for answering these questions. It outlines the EU’s high-level strategy and vision for AI, before looking at three crucial components the EU will need to implement this vision: funding, talent, and collaboration. The report aims to provide deeper insight into EU activities related to AI, to rectify any misconceptions about the EU’s level of involvement in AI development, and identify priorities for strengthening the current ecosystem.

Some key takeaways from this review include:

  • There is a clear emphasis on ethics and responsibility in the EU’s AI strategy and vision, especially relative to the US and China.
  • One barrier to the EU’s global competitiveness in AI development is a relative lack of VC investment and startup funding.
  • Another challenge for the EU is ‘brain drain’ of talented researchers and developers to other continents.

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