A Primer on Presence, Immersive Storytelling, & Experiential Design

Voices of VR Podcast host Kent Bye traces the evolution of storytelling through the lens of how virtual and augmented reality provides a direct, embodied experience and environmental context that is difficult to achieve in previous 2D mediums.

Storytelling is about sharing the dynamics of human experience, and each communications medium has unique affordances for how it builds and releases narrative tension.

Kent Bye elaborates on his elemental theory of presence by comparing it to work in experiential marketing and VR presence research. He’ll be presenting an experiential design framework that breaks down how XR combines the affordances of previous mediums, and generalizes the human experience into tradeoffs of the quality of presence, context, character, and story. This will provide a critical framework for experiential designers, but also new insights for storytellers in every medium.

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