A New Decade, What Next For Cybersecurity?

David Ferbrache, Global Head of Cyber Futures, KPMG in the UK offers 10 cybersecurity predictions for the year ahead

Our world is changing, and with it, the cybersecurity challenges that we all face in securing that world. The coming of a new year is, of course, just another day in the calendar, but it’s also a chance to take stock and wonder just what the next few years may bring.

So I thought I would offer 10 predictions for the future. So here goes.

1. The creativity of organized crime continues to challenge us
Extortion through ransomware makes money with losses increasing as criminals become more careful in selecting their targets, spend longer working out how to extort money most effectively and ratchet up their ransom demands into the hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars. Companies increasingly look to the cyber insurance sector to cover those payments. Expect insurers nursing growing losses to become more selective in just what and who they’re prepared to insure as cyber insurance comes of age. With regulatory penalties rising for cyber incidents, also expect criminals to be creative in encouraging clients into paying ransoms rather than risk public disclosure of sensitive data or security weaknesses. I suspect criminals will also have an eye to the potential for deep fakes, which makes it harder to distinguish truth from fiction and open up new avenues for reputational harm and blackmail.

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