A New Approach to UK Resilience

In letter to FT, Cranfield University academics call for a new approach to UK resilience.

Leading academics from Bedfordshire’s Cranfield University are calling for a new approach to UK resilience following the coronavirus pandemic. They point out that investment in resilience measures are usually made during or after a crisis and that governments and businesses must proactively invest to weather future crises.

In a letter published in today’s Financial Times, the academics write that as well as lessons learnt from the response to COVID-19 there is a much wider lesson to be learnt about how the UK identifies, prepares and responds to threats and risks, such as to our safety, our national security and from climate change.

They believe the UK must shift from simply classifying threats using a traditional risk-based probability versus consequence assessment, to a more detailed analysis including their interdependencies, social impact, cascade and recoverability through a new connected approach to resilience.

Crucial to a new UK approach to quantifying risk, and our preparations and ability to recover from crises is the inclusion of all “Five Capitals”: Natural, Human, Social, Built and Financial and their interdependencies and feedbacks, that make up the system in which we live.

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