A Jet-Powered Flying Motorcycle

French custom bike builder Lazareth has unveiled a new design for a motorcycle that transforms into a jet-powered flying machine.

The highly questionable design (why does it look like there are giant strips cut out of the tires? And how come there isn’t any video of the thing flying untethered and not just hovering?) has an electric engine capable of a 100km range on the ground, and four wheels that splay out with a kerosene powered turbine in the center of each to take to the skies for up to 10 of the most terrifying minutes of your life at a time.

Want one? Lazareth says they’ll produce a limited edition of five of the death traps for upwards of $550,000 apiece. Looking for the same thrill but find yourself a little short on the funds? Just ride your bicycle off the side of the Grand Canyon.

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