6 Predictions for the Next 10 Years of Biotech

As Biohacking grows-up and becomes a more mature and measured version of itself, Bioprogramming, if you will, we can expect a wave of unprecedented changes in how we approach health and medicine

Here are my predictions for major changes in the medical landscape over the next 10 years.

Shift from Small Molecule Blockbusters to Targeted Therapies
It is bold to predict the upheaval of business as usual for a multi-billion in annual revenue, decades-old industry, but the days of the of blockbuster small molecule are waning.

Driving this shift are the forces of lower development costs, lower diagnostic costs, and better pre-clinical drug selection.

Competing therapeutic technologies are coming into their own, shifting the focus towards cell-based therapeutics, hardware interventions, or repurposing of known compounds. This is certain to knock some lustre off the small molecule development path that has high failure rates and typically requires hundreds of millions to develop.

Furthermore, the next generation of therapeutics entering drug pipelines will contain targets selected by AI screening, likely improving the 86% clinical trial failure rates for small molecules.

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