50 Perspectives On Hiring Tech Talent

Jackson Weimer asks 56 recruiters, VPs of talent, chiefs of staff, founders, VC’s, and private equity partners about the difficulties of hiring tech talent in the current market.

It makes sense that people are enjoying the perks of working remotely, but it’s deeper than that. While it’s being coined as “The Great Resignation” I think it’s more a “The Great Wakeup” in that, people are waking up and realizing that they don’t want to do work that they don’t enjoy or doesn’t provide them more value than just a paycheck. For tech workers specifically, many engineers and product managers have always had recruiters in their inboxes showing them jobs and trying to poach them; that’s not what has changed. What shifted are the reasons why people on a larger scale are choosing where they want to spend their 40 hours a week. Money and benefits are motivators for many, but an increase of demand for flexible work situations and feelings of direct impact and enjoyability of work is what’s making it even tougher to convince someone to join your company.

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