5 Ways Work Culture Will Change by 2030

Technology, talent shortage, and trust are just a few of the issues that will challenge workplace culture over the next decade

Recent years have seen an exceptional awareness and prioritization of workplace culture by both employers and employees. Culture is a company’s “personality,” including the behavioral expectations, practices, and other norms that influence how people interact both internally and on its behalf. Ignore it at your own risk. Recent research by Hired found that company culture is the second most important factor candidates consider when considering whether to work for a company.

At the same time, workplace culture is being influenced by disparate factors in significant ways. Demographic shifts, diversity and inclusion initiatives, talent shortages, automation, evolving technology, and an onslaught of data are converging to create both immediate and long-term changes.

PwC chief people officer Mike Fenlon likens the changes to the cyberpunk writer William Gibson’s popular quote, “The future is already here. It’s just not evenly distributed,” he says. “What we’re seeing today will be dramatically, dramatically accelerated [in a decade].” Workplace culture will face some significant challenges and shifts by 2030. Here’s a taste of what the future holds.

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