2020 has Sucked — But there are Some Silver Linings

None of these benefits compare with the suffering of a terrible year, but here’s a list of small wins we can hold onto as we shake the dust of 2020 from our feet.

We could roll over and log into work. Zoom fatigue is real, but online work shouldn’t be treated as an entirely temporary substitute for the office. Many disability advocates have been asking employers for years to offer remote work as an option for jobs that can be done that way. The pandemic was proof that some people really do benefit from working from home, and can be just as productive when they do.

The real world sucked, so we got lost in virtual worlds. Hi. Abby here, one of the authors of this piece. The last time I felt joy was a few weeks ago, in a game of Among Us with a group of random strangers. Among Us is a bit like the board game Secret Hitler or the party game Mafia, but online. You’re either a crewmate or an impostor, and no one else knows. Crewmates complete tasks. Impostors kill crewmates. Crewmates win by finishing tasks, or identifying and ejecting all the impostors before you’re outnumbered. Anyway, in this game, we changed the settings to ensure maximum chaos: Three impostors, which is a lot of impostors. One task for each crewmate. It was fast-paced mayhem and I caught myself laughing, hard, as if I were Outside with Friends.

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