10,000 Amazon employees dedicated to Alexa

Back in November, Amazon’s head of devices, Dave Limp, said that 10,000 of Amazon’s employees worked on the company’s Alexa smart assistant and the Echo products in which it lives.

“That is an accurate number,” Steve Rabuchin, Amazon’s vice president of Alexa, told Business Insider at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas earlier this month. “We’re so bullish on voice as the future. It’s just so early for voice, and Alexa is great, but there’s so much more that we want her to be able to do in terms of being more interactive, more conversational, and just getting better and better and better.”

Rabuchin said one team was focused solely on machine learning, annotating data to make the statistical models better. This helps Alexa improve over time.

Another team was focused on the question-and-answer function of Alexa, he said.

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