10 Tech Products That Defined This Decade

From talking computers to reusable rockets, here are our picks for the products that had the most impact in the last 10 years

There’s no shortage of products that are hailed by their creators as “revolutionary” or “totally transformative” upon launch. Sure, every company that births a new gadget into the world wants to believe that its innovative design and fancy new manufacturing process is going to profoundly change the way we experience technology in the future. But of course they think this way—it sometimes actually happens.

Here are 10 instances from the years between 2010 and 2019 when it actually did happen. These are the products that arrived with a splash and grew into a typhoon. Since they span various industries, their impacts can’t be measured on the same scale. So, it doesn’t make sense to us to rank the products from one to 10. Instead, we’re presenting them chronologically. Here are the 10 technology products that defined this decade.

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